Tomomi Nishimoto


Imperial Hotel 125th Anniversary
Arts Festival

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Date & Time



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Ticket Availiability

Tickets for Dinner Concert and Afternoon Salon are sold out.

Ticket Sales Date

-General Public / Imperial Club Members-

November 11th, 2015 (Wed.) 10:00~

Contact Info

M-F 10:00-17:00 (excluding holidays)


【Dinner Concert】
Peacock Room

Reception / Apéritifs (Ball) 17:00
Concert 18:00
Dinner 19:30

Tomomi Nishimoto
Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
Yachiyo Inoue
Yoshiko Sakuma
Sayoko Ninomiya
Michiko Sato
IlluminArt Philharmonic Orchestra
IlluminArt Ballet
IlluminArt Chorus
et al.

■Ticket Price
General: ¥45,000 (includes drinks & full course French dinner)
*Tax/Service Fee included

Imperial Club Members: ¥42,000

*Dress Code: Formal attire (Gentlemen: jacket & tie required)
*If you have any form of food allergy, please inform us at the time of booking.

【Afternoon Salon】
Banquet Room (15:00-16:00)

Tomomi Nishimoto
Yoshiko Sakuma
et al.

■Ticket Price
General: JPY 5,000 (includes cake & coffee; service fee/taxes included)
*Dinner Concert Participants: JPY 3,000

【Arts Festival Lobby Concert】
First Floor Lobby (14:00-14:30)
Free of charge

Mika Ikenobo
Kiyomoto Nobukiyo Enjyu Renchu

*Reservations not required.
*Free of charge.

【After Concert】
The Imperial Lounge Aqua (21:00)